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@umassfan1961 wrote:

Has anyone had this problem. I was sending in my federal and state  taxes today. Yes last minute i know. I paid the $24,99 plus tax to efile the state.  About 15 minutes later saying the irs and the state rejected the submission.  So i had to  mail in an extension for the state and the irs.  Do i get i get a refund on the charge from Intuit or will i get stuck paying for something i cant use. Also i paid  what i owe  on the state in turbo tax do i assume it wont go thru since the  tax forms were rejected ?

Since the tax returns were rejected, any direct debit information you entered to pay the taxes owed was not received by the IRS or your State.


You can get a refund for the state e-file charge.


To contact TurboTax customer service/support use their contact website during business hours. If the problem concerns any type of refund for fees, use the key words billing issues and do Not use the word Refund or you will get a phone number for tax refunds.


Use this website to contact TurboTax support during business hours - https://support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact/
Support can also be reached by messaging them on these pages https://www.facebook.com/turbotax/ and https://twitter.com/TeamTurboTax