I am jot self employed. I worked for Julies Compet...
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I am jot self employed. I worked for Julies Competitive Edge dance studio & she did not take oyt taxes. She sent me the 1099. How do I finish this return?

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Since the dance studio did not withhold tax, Social Security or Medicare, the IRS considers you to be an independent contractor--i.e. self-employed.  


Depending on how much you earned you may need to upgrade to Self-Employed or you might be able to use a different version of the software called Free File which can prepare the forms and schedules needed for self-employment.


If you qualify to use it, there is another full-featured free version of the software:

Try Free File: 

You qualify if your income was $36,000 or less, or $69,000 or less if active duty military, or if you qualify for Earned Income Credit




Note:  If you do not qualify to use Free File then you will have to upgrade to Deluxe or higher in the paid versions of the software.   

Online Deluxe $60  State software $50



Or—-Use this IRS site for other ways to file for free


















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