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I don't know I just saw the payment wasn't taken and logged in and it says it was rejected

Most 2018 tax returns are rejected for the 2017 AGI entered on the tax return.  Since the 2017 AGI is not needed to mail a tax return, then just print and mail your return.


To access your current or prior year tax returns sign onto the TurboTax website with the userID you used to create the account -


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and on the section Your tax returns & documents click on Show.  Click on the Year and Click on Download/print return (PDF)

A 2018 tax return can only be printed and mailed, it cannot be e-filed.

Print, sign, date and mail the tax return to the IRS.  Include with the mailed return any forms W-2 and 1099 which have taxes withheld.  Go to this IRS website for mailing addresses -

There are no penalties for filing a tax return after the due date if filing for a tax refund or there are no taxes owed.

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