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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I am a military member stationed overseas and filed an extension due to over-payment of Roth IRAs to give time to recharacterize the over-investments to a traditional IRA.  I then attempted to e-file on 15 Oct 19, but the return was rejected due to what seemed to be a problem with the date that TurboTax generated for the filing (16 Oct 19) and the actual dates that I entered (15 Oct 19).  Is this a known error issue with TurboTax not properly reading the computer's date?  I then resubmitted the return on 16 Oct 19, but assume that it will not be accepted since it is past the 15 Oct 19 due date.  What are my options to complete my filing?  Is it possible that the return will be accepted a day late or will I need to file a paper return (which will take another week to get my spouse's pen and ink signature)?  I accept any late fees and penalties due to my lateness, but I would like to complete the filing as soon as possible to avoid additional fees.