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As I mentioned in an email notice you may have received, I've edited my response, so please ignore the instructions on paying for PLUS in the first email if you were emailed a response.

 Right after I sent it, I noticed you are using Online Deluxe.  That's why PLUS is grayed out.   In fact, Deluxe Edition should be grayed out, too.  i.e., you are in a higher edition than PLUS.   If you try to pay now, it will charge you 59.99 for Deluxe, and possibly 44.99 for a state return, if applicable.

I need to ask you a bunch of questions, then I'll tell you how to resolve that.


  • Why are you trying to upgrade to PLUS--are you trying to unlock prior year returns in the same account?  i.e., did you get a message that you have to upgrade and pay to unlock them?
  • What is the story on your 2018 return?   Have you already filed a 2018 return?
  • If you have already filed a 2018 return, did you try to upgrade after filing, and upgraded too far to Deluxe Edition?    Or did you use Deluxe Edition to prepare your 2018 return?
  • Or have you not yet filed, and the 2018 return is still in preparation?