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Please do not try to prepare your tax return using a pay stub.  The information on your paystub is very unlikely to match the W-2 you will receive by the end of January.  There is no advantage to rushing to file before the correct information is available.

The IRS will start processing returns on January 23, 2017.  Until then, any returns that have been e-filed will sit there on the server.  Please be sure you really have all the information needed to file your return, such as your W-2 (NOT your last pay stub) or 1099’s, healthcare forms, etc.  Employers and financial institutions have until January 31 to issue W-2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc.In some instances, they will not even be sent until sometime in February.  Some state forms are not yet available, which is yet another reason to be patient and wait awhile to file.  Filing too early and discovering you have errors and omissions will cause you more aggravation than having to wait.  If you are seeking the Earned Income Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit, the IRS will not issue your refund before February 15, 2017, which means it cannot arrive in your account before February 27, 2017 or later.

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