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If you're seeking a Status on your refund:

You should be able to check your actual refund status at the IRS website: - If this site is not working for you or fails to find your Return Status, please contact TurboTax Customer Support Directly and ask the Representative to assist you in determining your Status.

TurboTax Technical Support:
Request a call-back.


The TurboTax "Track My Refund" tracker only gives an estimated date of deposit based off of the date the IRS received your return and then gives a date 21 days out from that day.

The IRS "Where's My Refund" tracker shows the progress of your return with the IRS. It has three steps:

  1. Received(IRS has acknowledged receipt of the return and is being processed),
  2. Approved(IRS has processed the return and a release date is provided) and
  3. Sent(the funds have been released)
TurboTax has no control over the processing speed of the IRS.

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