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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Please see the instructions below for entering W-2 income and also entering any estimated taxes you may have paid throughout the year (this is tax you paid outside of what was withheld on your W-2).

To enter your W-2:

  • On the Tax Timeline menu at the top of the screen, select "Federal Taxes".
  • Select "Wages and Income" underneath on the second menu bar. 
  • Select "Start" next to "Job (W-2)" to add your W-2 information.

Please see the instructions below for entering your estimated tax payments:

  • On the Tax Timeline, select Federal Taxes
  • Select Deductions & Credits
  • Scroll down to "Estimates and Other Taxes Paid", then click "Show more" to expand the list
  • Click Start (or Revisit) next to "Estimates"  
  • Select "Federal estimated taxes for 2016 (Form 1040ES)"
  • Enter any federal estimated tax payments you made for 2016. Change the dates paid if necessary.