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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Email reminders for the advantage plan  that will bill in November are currently going out.  So if the CC on file will be current in November you have done all you need to do.    


To update your TurboTax Advantage account, see this TurboTax support FAQ -




That said ...

IMHO  there is no real advantage to the ADVANTAGE program any longer  so just buy the program from a reputable reseller for less  and cancel your advantage account.   Many resellers have discounts on the program and the price usually goes down as the season continues ( cheaper in March than in December) but beware of deep discounts from unknown sources as they could have malware or worse imbedded in them ... if the price sounds too good to be true it is.    AND  all the downloaded programs have all the same forms so save a few bucks and just but the Deluxe (Basic if you don't need a state program) and watch closely as the Deluxe is sold outside of  the TT  system both  with & without the state program. 




There are only 3 so called "advantages" any longer  ...



1) phone support from a dedicated number (word in the forum is you don't get any faster service using that number)


2) free shipping/download as soon as it is available  ( most places give free download ... and you don't really need the CD ever as it only has the beta version of the program on it anyway ... after installation you always have up update it  AND  no one needs the first beta version of the program in November which is not really fully operational until late January at the earliest ... some forms & states  not until March some years.  If you need to do any tax planning for the next tax year you need to use the prior year program which is already fully operational)



3)  free re-downloads for 3 years  ... all sellers do the same or you can always ask TT for another download for free

You can also purchase the CD/download from various retailers such as Costco, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Sam’s Club, etc. etc. etc.


This link Where can I obtain authentic TurboTax software? has a list of authorized TurboTax resellers.