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How do I report unemployment if I didn't get a 1099-G?

If you received unemployment compensation from a union, private voluntary fund, or as a state employee you might not get a 1099-G. Here's how you enter the unemployment:

  1. Open or continue your tax return in TurboTax online.
  2. Search for unemployment compensation and select the Jump to link.
  3. On the Did you receive unemployment or paid family leave benefits in 2020? screen, answer Yes.
  4. On the Did you receive a 1099-G? screen, select No, I didn't receive a 1099-G.
  5. On the next screen, Let us know if any of these uncommon situations apply, select I received non-government unemployment benefits that weren't reported on a 1099-G and Continue.
  6. Follow the instructions to enter your unemployment.

If you've lost or can't find your 1099-G, select your state below to go to your local unemployment website. Once there, you may be able to sign in to your account and view it, or request another one be sent to you.

Alabama (AL)Kentucky (KY)North Dakota (ND)
Alaska (AK)Louisiana (LA)Ohio (OH)
Arizona (AZ)Maine (ME)Oklahoma (OK)
Arkansas (AR)Maryland (MD)Oregon (OR)
California (CA)Massachusetts (MA)Pennsylvania (PA)
Colorado (CO)Michigan (MI)Rhode Island (RI)
Connecticut (CT)Minnesota (MN)South Carolina (SC)
Delaware (DE)Mississippi (MS)South Dakota (SD)
District of Columbia (DC)Missouri (MO)Texas (TX)
Florida (FL)Montana (MT)Tennessee (TN)
Georgia (GA)Nebraska (NE)Utah (UT)
Hawaii (HI)Nevada (NV)Vermont (VT)
Idaho (ID)New Hampshire (NH)Virginia (VA)
Illinois (IL)New Jersey (NJ)Washington (WA)
Indiana (IN)New Mexico (NM)West Virginia (WV)
Iowa (IA)New York (NY)Wisconsin (WI)
Kansas (KS)North Carolina (NC)Wyoming (WY)

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