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How much of my Traditional IRA contribution is deductible in 2020?

For any Traditional IRA deduction, you must have earned income. If you do, there are a couple of possibilities. If you (and/or your jointly-filing spouse) didn't contribute to an employer-sponsored or self-employed retirement plan like a 401(k), your entire Traditional IRA contribution is deductible.

But if you (and/or your jointly-filing spouse) did contribute to an employer-sponsored or self-employed retirement plan in 2020, the amount you can deduct depends on your tax filing status and modified adjusted gross income (MAGI).

If your MAGI is:

  • Below the phase-out range-your entire contribution is deductible.
  • Above the phase-out range-you can't deduct anything.
  • Within the phase-out range-you can make a partial deduction (we'll calculate this for you).

Here are the MAGI phase-out ranges for tax year 2020 if you were covered by a retirement plan at work:

  • Single, head of household, or married filing separately (not living with spouse): The phase-out range is $65,000 – $75,000
  • Married filing jointly or qualified widow(er): The phase-out range is $104,000 – $124,000
  • Married filing separately (living with spouse): The phase-out range is $0 – $10,000

If you weren't covered by another retirement plan at work, but your spouse was, and you're:

  • Filing jointly, the phase-out range is $196,000 – $206,000
  • Filing separately, the phase-out range is $0 – $10,000

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