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Where do I enter Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement)?

SOLVEDby TurboTax8858Updated July 07, 2022

If you’re using the TurboTax Mobile App, see these instructions.

Here's how to enter your 1098-T in TurboTax:

  1. Open or continue your return
  2. Select Search and search for 1098-t, then select the Jump to link in the search results
    • Another way to find this section is to select Federal from the left menu, then Deductions & Credits. Locate the Education section and select Show more, then Start or Revisit next to Expenses and Scholarships (Form 1098-T)
  3. If you land on Your Education Expenses Summary:
    • Select Edit next to the name of the student you’re entering a 1098-T for (select Add a student if the student isn’t listed)
    • On the next screen, select Edit next to the school name. You can enter the info from your 1098-T on the following screen
  4. If you land on Do you want to enter your higher education expenses?
    • Answer Yes
    • Answer Yes to Did you get a 1098-T for the year? and Continue
    • On the next screen, you can choose how you'd like to add your 1098-T. You can upload a digital copy from your computer or type it in yourself. Select which option you'd like and Continue
  5. If you need to enter a 1098-T for someone else, continue through the screens until you get to the Your Education Expenses Summary screen, then select Add A Student

Some important tips about entering this form:

  • Enter your 1098-T exactly as is, even if the amounts are wrong (this is common). You'll get a chance to correct this info and enter additional expenses later on
  • Leave blank boxes blank. Don't enter 0 for any blank boxes on the form, as this generates errors
  • Parents: If the student listed on the 1098-T is your dependent, enter the 1098-T on your return, even if your dependent paid the tuition
  • Students: If you're not being claimed as a dependent, enter the 1098-T on your return regardless of who paid the tuition, unless it was your employer. In that case, just keep the 1098-T with your tax records
  • TurboTax Free Edition doesn't support Form 1098-T

See this article for more information about how scholarships, fellowships, and grants are taxed.

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