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How do I enter my Section 199A Statement amounts into TurboTax?

SOLVEDby TurboTax341Updated April 03, 2024

If you have Section 199A Statement amounts to report from a K-1, you'll likely be issued one of the following forms:

Each of these forms comes with an attached Section 199A Statement. You'll need this to enter your information into TurboTax using the following steps:

Note: If your TurboTax navigation looks different from what’s described here, learn more.

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax account and continue to your return.
  2. In the search bar, enter Schedule K-1, then select the Jump-to link in the search results.
    • If the Jump to link doesn’t work, select the Federal tab, then Wages & Income (Income & Expenses for TurboTax Self-employed).
    • Under S-corps, Partnerships, and Trusts, select Revisit or Start next to Schedule K-1.
  3. Answer Yes to the question Did you receive any Schedules K-1?.
  4. On the Tell us about your Schedules K-1 screen, select Update if you're adding info to a K-1 you've already entered, or if you need to, add another K-1 to an existing entity type.
  5. Continue through the interview until you get to the Check boxes that have an amount or are checked on the form screen.
  6. Check the appropriate box for your form and select Continue.
  7. On the next screen, enter the code (Z, V, or I) and amount from your K-1.
  8. Continue answering the interview questions until you get to the We see you have Section 199A income screen. Select the source of ‌income and Continue.
  9. Check any applicable boxes on the We need some information about your 199A income screen.
  10. Only enter amounts from your Section 199A Statement, not any of the other boxes on the K-1 form. When you check the box next to a line, an additional box will open where you can enter the amount from your Section 199A Statement for that line. 
  11.  Select Continue and you’ll see the Let’s check for uncommon adjustments screen. Enter value(s) on Statement A that need to be changed and/or any business income received from a specified agricultural or horticulture cooperative on Statement C.

K-1 businesses that receive income from a specified agricultural or horticultural cooperative get an additional statement with their K-1 that reports the income, wages, and domestic production activity deduction (DPAD) for the business.

If your K-1 business fits this description:

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax account and continue to your return.
  2. On the Let’s cover some uncommon situations screen, check the box next to This business received income from a specified agricultural or horticultural cooperative (Schedule C). Additional boxes will open for you to make entries.
  3. Enter the values corresponding to your situation, then select Continue.

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