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How does Full Service work?

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With TurboTax Full Service, a dedicated tax expert will prepare, sign, file, and guarantee your tax return for you. The entire process can take as little as an hour.

First, you’ll set up a welcome call with an assistant. They'll ask about your tax situation and answer any questions you may have. Your assistant will also confirm the documents your expert will need to prepare your taxes, and add them to your checklist in Full Service. You can upload docs straight from your computer, or use your phone to capture or scan paper documents.

The assistant will match you with an expert with the right experience for you. Your expert will get to work immediately, with you staying on the line to answer questions as they work on your taxes in real time. When they’re done, you’ll review, pay, and sign your return. Your expert will then file your tax return for you.

How does the welcome call with the tax prep assistant work?

During your welcome call, the assistant will introduce themselves and ask you some questions to better understand your tax situation. They will use this info to match you with the best expert for you. You can also ask any questions you may have about your taxes or the filing process. The assistant will help identify any missing docs you need to add.

What kinds of questions will they ask me during the welcome call?

In order to get an understanding of your tax situation, the tax prep assistant may ask you questions like:

  • What’s your marital status?
  • Do you have any dependents?
  • Did you have a job last year?
  • Did you receive income from other states?
  • Did you sell any stock?
  • Did you pay mortgage interest?

How long does the welcome call take?

On average, a welcome call takes around 15 minutes.

How long does it take for an expert to finish my return?

Most people using TurboTax Full Service get their taxes done on a call with an expert that takes about 1 hour. The exact length of the call depends on the complexity of your taxes, your availability, seasonal peak days for tax preparation, and how busy our experts are. Our goal is to get your taxes done with as little waiting as possible.

How am I matched with my expert?

A number of factors go into matching you with the right expert. We mostly focus on getting you an expert with the right experience for your type of tax situation. We also consider their location and your personal preferences. If you like working with your tax expert this year, you can request to work with them again next year if they are available.

Will I talk to my tax expert on the phone or via chat?

You will talk to your expert on one-way video right in TurboTax. You can see your expert but they can't see you.

How do I get documents to my expert?

To send your expert docs, just add them by selecting Checklist and Add. To remove a document, select Delete from the more menu (…) next to the file you want to remove.

You can also add docs at any time by selecting Tax Home and Documents in the left menu. How you add docs will depend on the format of the documents you have handy:

  • For digital docs, on the Documents screen, select Upload to browse and add the document file.
  • For physical or paper docs, scan or take a photo of the document. Transfer the digital file or photo to your computer, and then upload as you would do with a digital document. Tip: Make sure you’re in a well-lit area, preferably against a dark background, and position your camera to take a photo of the entire document.

You cannot email documents to your tax expert.

How do I send/view messages from my expert?

To view a message from your tax expert, select the tab with your expert's name (next to Checklist).  You’ll see a list of all your messages. You can also enter and send your expert a message here.

If you have any trouble accessing your messages, please let your tax expert know during your next appointment.

How do I pay for Full Service?

After reviewing and approving your return, it’s time to pay for Full Service. Select Let’s finish up in The finish line is near box. Select Start next to Review your order on the Just three more steps screen. Take a look at your cart, and select a method of payment.

We accept credit, debit, and prepaid cards with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo. Like many other US online merchants, we can only process cards with a US billing address. You can also choose to pay with your federal refund.

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