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How do I submit a claim under the TurboTax 100% Accurate Calculation Guarantee or 100% Accurate, Expert Approved Guarantee?

SOLVEDby TurboTax8716Updated 1 month ago

Use the form below to submit your claim. If you don’t know which guarantee you’re submitting a claim under, don’t worry. Answer the questions in the form as best as you can and we’ll figure out which guarantee you’re covered by.

Before you submit your claim, make sure that:

  • You received an assessment notice regarding a tax return that shows the penalties and/or interest you owe.
  • Your contact information is current.
  • You filed an amended return after we fixed the error, if we asked you to do so. (Don't worry about this part if you didn't receive these instructions from us.)
  • For the 100% Accurate Calculations Guarantee:
  • For the 100% Accurate, Expert Approved Guarantee:
    • You used TurboTax Live services.

Please submit your case for review within 60 days of the date on your penalty assessment notice, as we only reimburse the penalties and interest on the first notice received.

  • As this is a reimbursement, you might want to pay the penalties and interest on your penalty assessment notice first (this is not a requirement).
  • If your claim is approved, we'll pay the penalties and interest incurred on the first notice you receive.
  • You'll still be responsible for the tax you owe on the return.

You should also respond to the IRS or state tax agency (if they requested a response) as soon as possible, per your assessment notice.

Important: We can't process your claim submission unless you upload documents on the page after completing this form.

You can read the fine print at the Intuit Software End User License Agreement for TurboTax Desktop Software or the End User License Agreement for TurboTax Online. Enter accurate calculation in the Find feature in your browser (usually listed under Edit) to go to it quickly.

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