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Do I need to file a federal return this year?

SOLVEDby TurboTax7672Updated March 18, 2024

Whether you need to file a federal tax return this year depends mostly on how much money you made in 2023, your age, and your filing status.

Filing StatusAge on December 31, 2023Must file if gross income is at least
SingleUnder 65$13,850
Single65 or over$15,700
Married Filing JointlyUnder 65 (both spouses)$27,700
Married Filing JointlyUnder 65 (one spouse)$29,200
Married Filing Jointly65 or over (both spouses)$30,700
Married Filing SeparatelyAny age$13,850
Head of HouseholdUnder 65$20,800
Head of Household65 or over$22,650
Qualifying surviving spouseUnder 65$27,700
Qualifying surviving spouse65 or over$29,200

You also must file a federal return if:

  • You had $400 or more in self-employment net earnings (gross income minus expenses)
  • You had marketplace health insurance and you received advance payments for the premium tax credit
  • You (or your spouse if filing jointly) received health savings account, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA distribution
  • You had wages of $108.28 or more from a church or qualified church-controlled organization that is exempt from employer social security and Medicare taxes
  • You owe any special taxes, including any of the following:
    • Alternative minimum tax
    • Additional tax on a qualified plan, including an individual retirement arrangement (IRA), or other tax-favored account
    • Household employment taxes
    • Social security and Medicare tax on tips you didn't report to your employer or on wages you received from an employer who didn't withhold these taxes
    • Uncollected social security and Medicare or RRTA tax on tips you reported to your employer or on group-term life insurance and additional taxes on health savings accounts
    • Recapture taxes

Even if you're not required to, you may want to file a tax return to recover federal tax withheld from your paychecks throughout the year.

If you're being claimed as a dependent on someone else's 2023 return, like your parents, go to Do I need to file my own taxes if I'm a dependent?

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