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Why don't I have an RMD listed on my 1099-R?

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

While the IRS requires RMD amounts to be calculated starting in the year you (or your spouse) turned 72 (73 if you turned 72 after Dec. 31, 2022), an RMD amount is not shown on your 1099-R.

If you are 72 and older, TurboTax will ask several questions when entering your 1099-R information. The purpose of these questions is to help you determine if you have met the RMD criteria so that you can avoid the IRS penalty.

Note: Your 1099-R issuer is required to follow RMD rules and regulations, so if you received a distribution and you're at least 72 years young, you can be almost certain you received an RMD. Check with your plan administrator if you're still not sure.

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