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Troubleshoot printing issues in TurboTax Online

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Test that your printer is working by trying to print from another program, such as Microsoft Word. Many printing problems can be resolved by installing the latest version of Adobe Reader (it's free).

You can print from within TurboTax Online or by selecting Print (found under the File menu) in your browser.

If those options don't work, save your return as a PDF. You can do this either within TurboTax or your browser.

To save your return as a PDF from your browser:

  1. Look for Print under your browser's File menu.
  2. Under Print, select Save as PDF (it may be called Print as PDF or View as PDF).
  3. Some browsers will add an extra step and open a preview window before asking if you want to Save as PDF or Print. Choose Print.

Once the file has been saved as a PDF, it should be easy to print. Note the location/folder where you save your PDF. If you have problems printing your PDF, Adobe has suggestions on what to do.

Try these steps (you can stop at whatever point your printer works):

  1. Make sure you're using your default printer. This is usually listed under Settings on your computer.
  2. Make sure your printer drivers and your computer operating system are up-to-date.
  3. Remove all other devices (such as external drives), which can interfere with printers.
  4. Shut down your computer and printer for 15–30 seconds, then turn them back on.
  5. If your printer is on a network, try a direct connection to the printer using a cable.
  6. Sign in with a different browser or try a different computer that has access to a printer.

If you don't have a printer, or you still can't print after trying the previous steps:

  1. Save the PDF to a storage device, like a USB flash drive.
  2. Go to another computer and upload the PDF, then print it.
  3. You can also email the PDF to yourself, download it, and print it from another computer. If you don't have access to another computer, public libraries and stores that offer copy and print services should be able to help you for a small fee.
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