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Why are some IRS forms missing when I print my return for filing?

When you print out your return to paper-file it, you may discover that some IRS forms or schedules are missing from your printout.

This is by design, as TurboTax only prints the forms and schedules that the IRS requires to be filed.

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Here are forms and schedules that may not print out in accordance with IRS guidelines:

  • Schedule A won't print unless you're itemizing on your federal return.
    • If you're itemizing on your state return and need the Schedule A, you can print it out later.
  • Schedule B won't print if your interest or dividend income is less than $1,500.
  • Schedules C/E/F or Form 4562 won't print if you haven't placed new assets in service during the tax year.
    • For example, you placed new assets in service last year and Form 4562 was included with your return. Form 4562 won't print out if no new assets were placed in service this year.
  • Schedule K-1 Worksheets. These worksheets are used to record information from any K-1 schedules you receive and will not be printed.
  • Form 2106, Employee Business Expenses. In certain situations, Form 2106 does not need to be filed with your return. In these cases, entries on Form 2106 are automatically calculated and placed on the appropriate forms.
  • Smart Worksheets and Supporting Details. Most of these are used for backup purposes and recording information, and are not needed – nor wanted – by the IRS. Filing these with your tax return may delay the processing of your return.

You can always print a records copy if you want to include the missing forms for record-keeping purposes. Don't include them when you mail in your tax return.