With Turbo tax for 8 years and they have really fu...
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With Turbo tax for 8 years and they have really fumbled the ball this time with Turbotax live

I cannot get out of Turbotax LIVE and start over into do it yourself. I have spoken to three customer service reps. there is no support line to email them, the chat function doesnt work. The customer support reps have no idea how to fix it. They just rolled out turbotax live which i accidentally "started" and now i cannot restart or revert back to turbotax self employed which I have done for 8 years straight. To call this infuriating is an understatement. For a company this large i cannot believe what a mind $!@$ they have created through this.


This has literally become the only medium to start a discussion with the hope of finding someone competent from turbotax to fix this.

I do not have any options on the left hand that would indicate the opportunity to "clear and start over" including tax tools or anything. It simply shows " "my expert" with no options but to share documents and try to connect with a tax expert. No i have not paid for anything and all i want to do is log into my account and do my taxes myself.

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