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It's basically what I've been saying over and over again turbo card users it's very little percentage of people who actually got it sent to the turbo it will tell you for like a week that yes it'll be direct deposited to that bank account number and routing number and it'll tell you they will eventually have a date that it will be direct deposit it and then boom next thing you know they're going to give you and mail out date mine was the 24th and I got it on the 24th but I heard from so many people who have said they got it a couple days before when I when I went to the check cashing place there was a line of people with theirs is wrong and with me hearing their situations that I'm talking back and forth even some people who put their own personal bank accounts it happened to them as well they eventually got a paper check which to me just simply means that whenever they actually direct deposit it there's before that portal to update it was opened or before they got to update it it was sent out then it was rejected by whichever Bank in automatically was put in the mail instead so that's what's happening turbo card Visa 90% of the time you're going to get paper check but hey on the upside it's coming in the mail pretty fast I think