Level 2


Hi Brian,

I have been wanting to build a stock portfolio for a while now, and I am going to start when taxes come. I have a few ideas about what i want to invest in such as the "new craze" cannabis companies that are established with a good portfolio and business plan, but not one of the big ones that have already are a fortune to invest in, but someone with great potential and in a state that supports their business, also my thinking is when marijuana gets passed in all 52 states and trust me it will, that stock will provide a huge return! It isnt going to happen yet, but many states little by little will eventually come around because the money their state will benefit from, and they will join the ranks...also I am looking for businesses that are just starting out, online shopping is big...but you must research research research! Do your homework...afterall its your money depending on your smart moves 🙂 hope this helps..