Re: How to start investing
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Rule #1 - Do not invest what you are not willing to lose

Rule #2 - Consider all monies invested as lost, permanently and forever, within the first minute of having made said investment

Rule #3 - Other investors do not give you tips for "your" benefit. They do so for their own benefit. It's the name of the game.

Generally I myself only invest for the long term. I don't "play the markets" because I'm not yet that rich, and probably never will be. I find three types of mutual funds to be right for me. I invest equally in growth funds, growth and income funds, and about 15-20% of invested funds into foreign markets. Make google your best friend, and do your homework to learn about this stuff. Don't rely on other's to "educate" you for your benefit. They're not going to.... but they will lie to you about it. That's why they're so successful at it.

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