Re: How do I begin paying off debt?
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Debt management

No matter what kind of debt you are in it may take years and meticulous planning to have it settled. But, there are some strategies you can make use of to clear your outstanding dues.

  • Snowball method - List all of your existing debts such as personal loan, credit card etc. and divert all the excess funds towards settling the smallest debt first. Then move on to the next debt and gradually you will be able to clear off all your debts[1].
  • Take up an additional job - you can turn any of your hobby such as teaching, writing, driving etc. into a part-time job to pay off your outstanding.
  • Cost-cutting - maintain a monthly budget and stick to it. The extra funds can be used to pay off the loan by having their EMIs increased by a small percentage say 5% every month. If you evaluate this yearly this turns to a big amount which can have your loan sorted out.
  • Negotiation - if you find the interest rates on your credit cards are too high you can call up your Relationship Manager and have the rates negotiated or eliminated. This will help you to lower down the EMIs on the card and settle the debt faster.




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