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Debt management

I honestly had the hardest time saving for the longest time. Anytime that I noticed myself with anymore than $200 and I knew my next check was a few days away, I would blow that on whatever I felt "needed" or denied myself. Eventually, I found myself taking my tips, bundling them up, and putting them in a safe place. I wouldn't touch it unless it was an absolute emergency. The upside is that I managed to save over $1000 in a little iver 6 months. The downside, however, is that I never knew how much I had saved, which is never a good feeling. In the end, I've now picked up a second iob, a budget, and a new saving method: quarters. The reason I save my quarters is because in my line of work, people tell me to "keep the change" more often than not. After so many months of that, I managed to comfortably set aside another emergency fund that continues to grow without a noticeable change to my income/spending habits. I think everyone can find something to that effect that may just help them set a little aside when they can.