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Debt management

I am just an average schmuck and I really don’t have any education for business - I have been around a while so here goes. I believe a mortgage loan for a home is well within the good loan category. A home is one of the best investments still. I purchased my home on a half acre plot of ground for $125,000 15 years ago and now it appraises for $289,000. That seems to have been a great investment. I also believe you should never buy a brand new car on credit. The moment you drive off the lot it drops in value. Yet if you purchase a two year old car the investment seems to hold better. I also believe investing in an education is well worth putting at least some of the cost on credit for your degree is still money in the bank. Your income will be much higher with a degree than without. This will sound impossible but between my 1/2 tuition and my teaching assistantship my Masters degree cost me about $5,000 on credit. I felt blessed several times over when it came to retiring because my Masters degree greatly improved my retirement income making my $5,000 investment feel like nothing. There is my two bits.