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Debt management

If you have extra money for going out, coffee, and clothes, you are likely not experiencing a serious debt crisis.  If you can truly only pay the minimum on one card with no going out, no coffee, no clothes, so be it. But do be honest with yourself here, and kind to yourself. One year is not that long in the financial world to pay off that one card. Then you can work on the other. Yes, your other card may go into default and into collection in the meantime, and yes, it may hurt your credit score and be a pretty awful experience for you. It may take years for your credit to recover. Still, it is not the end of the world. Sometimes when accounts go into collection, companies offer to settle with you for a fraction of the amount owed. I am not advocating financial carelessness or irresponsibility, which hurts all of us, but I would encourage you to be honest with yourself and consider other factors in addition to your credit score when determining how to get out from under your debt, if that is truly what you want to do.

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