Level 3

Debt management

 DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT follow the advice of "close all credit card accounts" unless you want to seriously hurt your score. 


RaG's advice of paying off credit cards in ascending order based on interest rate is a tried and true method, you also need to NOT put anymore debt on these cards. Use this method if you want to slowly stop the bleeding and you don't have the credit for the next option.


If you have good credit and you use a credit union, see if they have any deals going on with credit cards. Some will offer no interest credit cards for 2 years with no transfer fees. You could consolidate all card debt onto one card that has no interest, which will give you time to breathe and stop the interest rate hemorrhaging. After you have zero balance on the cards you just transferred, you DO NOT USE THEM AGAIN until you have paid back every penny of this debt. This is going to require self control so you don't keep digging yourself deeper into a hole. 


Start making big payments on the new card (basically add up all of the minimum payment requirements for each card, and how much interest you were being charged and whatever else you can add to the monthly payment of that card). If your debt to income ratio is very high, I'd recommend making a strict budget and sticking to it until you've paid this card back before they start charging you interest. 


Either one of these will work if you're willing to acknowledge your problem and deal with it using these methods. The interest rates on these cards are going to absolutely murder you. Never use more than 15% of your total credit limit at any given time! That's a general rule of thumb.