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Debt management

Hi! I agree with everyone else. You should keep your cards at home so you’re not tempted to swipe them while you’re out. I did that for the long time. My second recommendation is to only spend what you have. If you can’t grab your debit card and make a payment on something you used your credit card for right after a purchase, you should try to refrain from buying. Lastly, you can get a Credit Karma account and look at their credit card recommendations. They will tell you your approval odds and you can pick out a card best for you. I recently got an American Express and did a balance transfer which is a God send because it does not accrue interest for a year and some change, so that really helped me tackle my debt. I paid off my credit cards super fast after that! I know it’s hard, but try to keep a positive outlook and keep seeking help on forums like this and keeping up with what you owe and to whom. I live paycheck to paycheck now, but at least I know that I’m being responsible with my funds compared to before. I literally map out how I will spend my money a week before each paycheck. That helped me a lot too because I started to see where I was mindlessly spending and helped me nip those habits in the butt. Keep your head up! I promise it’ll get better if you really try!!