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Debt management

**Best Advice do not borrow what you can not payback. If you are not sure you can afford it. Don't do it.

The debt will reflect back good points if you make on time payments and complete payments.

The debt will also reflect negatives if you miss payments and/or do not pay off debt in timely manner based on a agreed due date.

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It is only up to you if its going to be good or bad.

Debt: is~ unpaid due balances
Credit: is~ award of paid balances

If you are in debt you owe money.

If you pay you debts owed on time to complete you have earned Credit.

In Return this Credit will allow you to have opportunity to buy more expensive things in a pale scale without the hassle of not having all the money upfront.

You earn this Credit into a score over years which accumulate trust with large amounts of money from banks and loaners that only you can borrow because of a reputable background of pay offs' on time and in manner.