Level 2
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Debt management

Nothing is good or bad, it depends on how it is used. I’ll use a car for an example. If you buy a car and you have to pay gas, maintenance, insurance, repairs, plus it’s depreciating in value as years and miles go up then that is a bad debt. However if you take that same car and get a low monthly car payment, low insurance, and great gas mileage then you can turn that car into an Uber that pays all the above costs and pays you then that is a good debt. I’m not an advertiser for Uber. I actually don’t do Uber because for my particular vehicle, the increased depreciation, maintenance, and gas mileage, I would actually lose money. My point, though, is debt that is a liability (pulls money out of your pocket) is bad debt regardless of whether or not it’s benefiting or harming your score & debt that is an asset (puts money into your pocket) is a good debt. Money always comes from someone and goes to someone so try to put yourself in a position where other people not only pay your debt, they pay extra and you have increased income. Even a lemonade stand has to pay for the powder, the pitcher, the cups (and technically the water) before the salesperson who is usually 5 years old actually starts seeing a profit. When you buy lemonade It’s a liability because you pay someone else. The person selling it is using an asset because they are receiving the money. School debt is bad debt because there is no guarantee you will ever be payed enough to pay off the debt plus extra to make it worth it. If you want to go to school join the military. Then school is free and the degree is an asset, not a liability.