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Debt management

See my responses in Brackets []
My wife and I both have the same remarks [no two credit remarks are the same] on our credit records. We both have union construction jobs making very good money [amount you make is irrelevant]. 5 years ago we went through a difficult time [sorry for your troubles] which incurred a lot of medical bills a few of which went to collections [collection paid or not is just an indicator that you can not meet your obligations]. We paid them off together, at the same time and applied for a credit card. She was accepted for $3700 in credit limit between two cards. I was declined[see, told you, if you had the exact same remarks you would have had the exact same response]. Since then I was able to get a credit card for $300 but have been declined for anything else [stop applying]. My credit score remains at 580 and hers is over 700[from this point forward I ask that you forget about scores, yet focus on Content of the credit file. Lenders don't lend based on score, they lend based on what's in the report] What gives [content of report is what gives]? Is there something on my report that i can't see [go to Experian.com and sign up for free account. You can see score and content and score factors, YES ITS TOTALLY FREE!]? Our money is in a joint account and we're share all bills. Our dti is 24% [[good, get it down further] and we have 2 months worth of bills in savings. I am at a loss of what to do [good credit is a game of patience and restraint. Keep account utilization below 29%. Well, that # works for me. Your multiple inquries show you are high risk for non-payment. I've learned that you have to demonstrate responsibility with what you have ($300 limit) before you will be trusted with more (higher limit). Good luck.