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Debt management

It all depends. If you are like most who are only focused on having a high credit score then all debt is good. A credit score is a person's relationship with debt. Debt keeps you from saving money. There are people with an 800 credit score but have no money in the bank. Even though they have a good salary it gets eaten up by payments they have to make each month on credit cards, car loans, and other consumer debt. In my opinion debt is never a good thing. Financially speaking life is easier when you don't have to pay the bank or credit card companies every month. You will have a healthy emergency fund and you can save up for things you want instead of financing it or using a credit card. If you have debt pay it off as fast as you can and never go into debt again. Mortgage debt is understandable, but even in that case get a home that is within budget and put down as much as you can. I would do my best to avoid debt. I hope this gives you another way of looking at it.