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Debt management

Hello everyone!  I made a decision to be debt free at the end of 2018. I made it!  After having been in the hospital 2 times in 2014 with a costs to us of $11,500. and remodeling a house we were really in debt at the cost of $27000. We also had to charge appliances, auto repair, etc. that we just didn't have cash for.  A lot of people do not in this day and age.  I decided this had to stop.  I have always had some sort of budget.  I would put whatever I had left from my check in the back of my checkbook.  I could use this for a much needed mini va-ca.

I really just stopped charging!!!!!  I would pay a small one off and take that money each month and put it towards another one.  I sure did use a lot of money in the last 6 months of 2018.  I started using my SS to help pay them off.  It was hard, I could see other things I wanted to buy, but I didn't.  It was like a heavy burden lifted from me.  I have charged a couple of hundred since. Paying them off as they come in.  Such a relief.  Now, if I keep working and need to buy another car, I will be able to do that.  Hang in there! If I can do it, so can you!!