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Debt management

This may not be the way for everyone, but it worked for me.

We were over $95K in credit card debt, and life was not good.

I purchased a tape program explaining how to get out from under the card debt, and I followed it to the letter.

I quit paying the cards.

Approx. 90-120 days later the calls started coming.

I told not to call after 8 PM, and I was always polite (they're just doing their jobs), but I made sure they didn't harass me.

After a while they started to make offers of reduced payoffs.  I made counter offers (I was very lucky that I had someone that I could turn to that fronted me the money at no interest), and it was amazing what cc companies would accept or the collection agencies.

In the end, I paid off all debt for less than $40K.

Our credit score went down to 500-600, and credit reports were dinged for almost seven years.

We changed our lifestyle, our credit reports are super clean, and our scores are 820+.

Recommend that you do this yourself since companies would rather deal with you than an outside source that will charge the hell out you to do what you can do.