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Debt management

I have Two Credit cards that total  $4,500 respectively,(My only negative debt) .I was doing excellent in paying my monthly payments,  But because of a drop in my income,  my payments became irregular  to the point I could not keep up and had no choice but to stop all together, The whole process became worrisome for me, because  it is my obligation and I can't continue. My cards are Locked and no longer used.(One acct. is closed by Creditor)

My rent pyt went up, my Utility pyt went up as well as my Car insurance. This has put a dent in my monthly income. I'm a senior citizen who lives on Social Security Benefits and Alimony. I'm retired/Single/Live alone.

When I access "Overview" it shows my total Debt Amount, but then when I access the TOTAL DEBT Link it shows my Total Debt as $0. This I do not understand.