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Debt management

School debt is my life long burden.  No other debt; only regular living expenses.  Been without credit cards for nearly 8 years.  I'm 61 and in the education field so have never had high income.  As a single parent, I put 2 kids through college and am nearly done paying off the part of that parent debt that I was responsible for.  However, my own school debt (also went back late in life) has blown up since in deferment while paying for my kids and now forbearance while I figure out how to make giant payments that are half my take home pay each month.  It is a nightmare!  I will go to my grave with this debt.  I truly question the value of a college education because the cost is high in so many more ways than just the dollars and cents of it.  It is constant stress over the loans, which started out small and have grown like monsters on steroids.