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Home loans

Doesn’t work like that at all. Never join the military just for the benefits. I have access to the VA home loan as a veteran and I can’t use it for a multitude of reasons. Using VA benefits is a full time job on its own. The VA loan is only one of many different options for me and in my experience it’s usually not the best option. Every veteran I’ve come across feels the same way about that. Never jump in to anything without knowing all the FACTS. Opinions are everywhere and don’t do anyone any good. The VA loan is a great option for a lot of people but you have your own situation and other people’s opinions don’t apply to you. Getting rid of your debts is definitely a priority though, get on YouTube and start learning about leveraging your debt. You can make huge leaps and strides that way. As for the rest, listen to everyone else besides the clown that told you to join the military. That’s not a solution to anything it’s a life affecting choice that will change you forever.