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First congratulations on planning to buy a house. As one year old homeowner, I can encourage to build a fund for down payment. Build it like a debt payment. Establish an index passive fund, the commission fee is lower. Make direct deposit either from your checking account or a direct deposit from your paycheck.
2- Track down the area you aim to live from or or This will keep you motivated during the process. If you are engaged or married, enroll your partner in this process. If not, consciently or not your plan will get delayed.
3. Assign a percentage for your down payment. 5%, 6%, etc.
4- Work on your debt, or avoid them. This will help you obtain a better interest rate on your mortgage.
Marketers will flood your boxmail with looking good offer for personal lawn. Do not take the bait. This is a trap to eat up your ressources.
4- When you are ready, shop around for morgage lawn. An interest of 3.45, instead 3.15 would increase your mortgage by hundred or thousand dollars.
It requires discipline and commitment. Good luck and congratulations.
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