Re: House Loans and Down Payments
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Home loans

I’m not arguing that you are wrong. I have a 71% DTI and got approved for a home. If you can prove you are responsible there is always a way. If you can’t prove you are responsible then odds are you are not responsible. If you are not responsible it is wrong to apply for a loan. A lender doesn’t deserve to get ripped off any more than anyone else. Knowledge is power. If you don’t understand finances then taking out a huge loan is not in your interest nor is it in the lenders interest. A good lender will not loan to someone who can’t “put their money where their mouth is”. Only a shark will and that’s not good for anyone either. My score is low and my DTI is large. However, I have enough documentation to show responsibility and got approved at a great rate. My lender is comfortable lending to me because I can show that other sources that require payment can rely on me. Win-win. I wouldn’t have gotten the loan or bought the home if I felt I couldn’t afford it.
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