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Congratualtions on being nearly debt free.  We don't really have different views on credit.  Even with our different personal financial management practices, our credit scores are still calculated the same way.  I don't subscribe to the Dave Ramsey approach to credit use but his debt free goal is one everyone should aspire too.  Unlike Dave Ramsey, I believe in using credit.  I am not a pay cash for everything guy but instead purchase everything on a cash-back-reward credit card then pay off the credit card balance in full each month.  My FICO is 800+ even with six active credit cards and 11 mortgages.  Even when I am totally debt free in seven years, I will still use credit cards, I will still finance my next car with a zero-interest loan, I will still finance the next property I purchase.  I will continue to use credit responsibly and, like you, my heirs will not inherit a debt laden estate.  Even if I pass away today, my estate plan includes a detailed pathway to satisying all my debt.