Level 15

Home loans

It's kinda humorous sometimes, the folks I talk with looking to buy their first house. Usually newly married couples. They say they'll be fine with the down payment in the bank, and don't need anything extra. They "justify" it with the fact that they'll be using the furniture they already own, that's in the house they're now renting and that "friends" will be helping them move and relocate to the newly purchased house. Then I remind them of a few things.

 - The curtains you have will not fit all the windows in your new house. Curtains aren't cheap, and the wife doesn't care about the cost either. She's not going to tolerate those piss green curtains in "ANY" room, and especially not *her* bathroom.

 - Those "friends" who helped you move? They're expecting to be invited to the house warming party the next weekend. While they may not get steak and lobster, there damn well better be beer!