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Credit cards

In my experience in my personal life I feel like I could just give you an opinion because at the end of this opinion, follows your decision. So is important to get that since the beginning. What do I mean? Well because my opinion follows with a pad that we don’t want to take, and that includes totally the opposite of what brought you to this confusing situation. If we try to get off from debt to have a peace of mind it will sink you deeper if you don’t follow up with your plan of making just one payment. Regardless of good loan that you where able to get with good credit history. At the end it all comes to your decision. If you know yourself and you know you can maintain by not going more into debt then it makes since, but still live room for unexpected sircumstances like water damage I got to replace the whole floor but your the only one that knows what you may have problems later. In my situation was not enough income and that payment I couldn’t do because of sircumstaces that we know it could happen but we go on in life like it will never happen to me. Sorry if my opinion confuses you more but I was about to exit from this app and I saw this question. God bless