Re: closed credit accounts
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Credit cards

Thanks for your answer, I have an excellent payment record (all on time records) but with the new FICA 10 rating system, credit utilization is the highest factor to hit the score (hence the reason, I am working on lower debit/credit mix).  Like you stated, a closed account lowers your credit utilization total, which I am trying to raise. I just don't want them to close the account for not using it. I am getting mixed messages on this. One states to clear the debt on the card and not use it and another state you need to periodically use it (small purchases that are immediately paid). I am just trying to find out what the time period is of non-use, to avoid them closing the account for being inactive if I have to make an occasional purchase so that I can plan it into my budget. Does anyone have an idea of how long can I leave card inactive prior to using it? 

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