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Credit cards

I had a foreclosure in-lieu-of in 2015 as my husband left me with everything and after 2 and a half years, I could no longer pay the bills and mortgage myself. A decision was made against me in 2016. I only found this information out a few months ago (2018) saying I owe over 43K. I have not received any other mail except this and I am now on long term disability. I have no way of paying this back and I want to apply for a home loan but wasn't granted due to bad report on my credit. I explained my situation to a close financial adviser, due to our closeness he confided to me about this credit agency who had worked with the credit bureau for decades 'Cyber Hack' She gave me his contact [email address removed] I contact him and explained my situation, he guaranty me he'll help me out and to my greatest surprised he helped me clear all debt on my credit report, remove items on it and finally add tradelines. I still doubted if this won't come back to my report even after I confirmed his good worked on the three credit bureau, he answered boldly No and up to a year now no debt has come back, I applied for loan few weeks ago and I was granted. Anyone who have similar situation should contact only this credit agency on [phone number removed]

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