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Credit cards

I had 3 deaths at once in my immediate family and couldn't hold it together. I lost my job after and filed bankruptcy in 2014. I'm a former bank mgr and had always had great credit. Filing was one of the toughest things I've ever had to do (I was sued by a card company) so forced.
Anyway, my credit score is 795 thanks to Captain spy (A former Experian staff) whom a lender referred me to when I had a poor credit score but now I've been able to get 2 Capital One cards, one a rewards card and 2 Chase, with a credit limit of 4k and 5k on the capital one, 7k and 7.5k on the chase card respectively. I have been approved of this with the assistance of the referrer who helped me clear all negative item, collection, boost my score to 795 (Excellent) and finally added tradeline to my credit profile. Now I have nothing negative, no collections, just a little note that says I filed in 2014, and a good score. Thanks captain spy you can also contact him if you need similar assistance on [email address removed] or [phone number removed] his service is guarantee

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