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Credit cards

I have been thinking about this for a couple of years now. First you need to add up all your interest. Then figure out how much your minimum payments are for all your cards per month. If you get a loan you need to make sure you can cover the monthly charge. Make sure it does not come out more than your minimum payments for the month, unless you can pay more. The longer you take out the loan for, the higher the interest rate. You can check into companies like Lending Tree, Sofi and others to see which is best for your situation. This is a soft check and it will not effect your credit score.

The reason I have not gone through with it is this. I have been able to maintain and keep my head above water by juggling things around. I have narrowed things down where I feel  I am slowly getting out of debt. I tried some of those debt consolidation places but they want you to quit paying and become a dead beat. Then they will come in, get their cut, and work something out where you pay a lower amount than you actually owe. In the mean time, your credit score tanks. That is an option, though! I do not want to have to go that route but it is there, if need be. On the other hand, if you get a loan your stuck with it unless you file bankruptcy! It’s a vicious circle! I hope you can figure something out because I am just floating, right now and I am sure there are millions in the same boat.

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