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You have a new account at JPMCB CARD SERVICES on your TransUnion credit report. What does this mean? I don't recall open any card service with this company, if anyone know this please help!!

JPMCB is JP Morgan Chase Bank.  You might have opened a Chase branded credit card, or a store credit card that is processed by Chase in the name of the store.  Or you might have overdraft protection on a Chase checking account (which can sometimes show up as a separate revolving debt account.)


If not, start by getting all 3 credit reports to see if this account is on all of them or only Transunion (which is where Turbo® gets its information).  Call Chase bank to verify the account.  If it is a case of identity theft, you will need to work with Chase to close the account.  If it is just a mistake with one credit bureau (maybe listing an account under the wrong person's name) call that credit bureau. 


You can get all your credit reports at


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