Level 15

Credit cards

You need to please explain more.  You mentioned the Federal and state returns you were charged for and said you didn't use them.  Then you mentioned your order detail, but didn't say what products you used, what the "different total" is that you are seeing, and whether you have already paid/filed.


It sounds like you were charged for Online Deluxe.   Did you use Online Deluxe to prepare Federal and state returns?  

Here are the typical fees in that edition:


Deluxe Federal return  $60

State return  $50

Optional--pay fees out of the Federal refund:  $40 service fee ($45 for California filers, where it is bundled as "Premium Services.)


Are you being charged the extra $45  for "Premium Services" for choosing to pay your fees out of your Federal refund?  If so, that optional payment method can be removed prior to filing, and then you can pay upfront with credit/debit card to avoid the $45 fee.   We can tell you how to do that.


Have you already paid/filed?


Or check your fees this way:

  • Log in and open your return.
  • Go to the left menu column and click on Tax Tools then Tools.
  • In the Tools window, choose My Fees.