Re: How to Raise Your Credit Score
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Credit score

I love autopay and use it to pay almost all my bills now, but if you are a person living paycheck to paycheck I would not recommend it unless you also have an overdraft line of credit (ODLOC) linked to your checking account. I did this for many years and it saved me from paying large overdraft fees or having a check bounce because a bill came due before I got paid and there wasn't enough money in my account. An ODLOC linked to your checking account will transfer funds to cover any shortage and allow the bill or bills to be paid without incurring any penalty. Then when you do get paid, just pay off the balance on your ODLOC so you won't incur much in interest charges. If you have a bad month financially you can even wait until the monthly payment is due on the ODLOC and either pay it off in full then or carry some of it over into the next month or two until you can get back on your feet financially. Just make sure to avoid carrying over a balance long term or you run the risk of not being able to pay it off and defeating the purpose for which you obtained the ODLOC in the first place.

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